Support in entering the workforce

These programs typically target individuals who may face barriers to employment, such as recent graduates, veterans, or those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Enhance your career

These programs offer hands-on training in various industries

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workforce entry program typically focus on preparing students for successful entry into the workforce and equipping them with the skills and knowledge

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It's important to establish clear measurement criteria and collect data consistently throughout the program's implementation


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Student Life

Assessing whether participants are able to retain their jobs, receive promotions, or gain additional responsibilities within their chosen fields demonstrates the effectiveness of the program in preparing them for career growth.

Learn & discover

If the workforce entry program includes opportunities for further education or training, tracking the number of participants who pursue higher education, earn certifications or licenses, or successfully transition to advanced training programs can be indicative of the program's success in facilitating educational advancement

Wage & Income

Measuring the wage or income growth of program participants over time can provide insights into the program's impact on their financial well-being.


What Our Customer Say About Us

Collecting feedback from program participants through surveys or interviews can gauge their satisfaction with the program's content, structure, and support services


I went through the internship workforce re-entry program and it was the best time i ever spent on myself

Theresa Jordan

Product Manager


I went from a 9-5 job to starting my own fashion brand after the Bullock groups intense entrepreneurship program.

Chemar Holder


Flexible Classes

The program offers flexible class schedules and learning options to accommodate the diverse needs of participants.

Online Mode

provides a flexible and accessible learning platform that allows participants to enhance their employability and gain a competitive edge.

Educator Help

providing participants with the training, support, and resources needed to secure and maintain employment.

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